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AEC Costa Rice is not open for in-person classes in all of our locations as well as online lessons. After we recieve your online inquiry, we will respond within one business day.

2022 Holidays

We will observe and remain closed in our Arenal, Domincal, Turrialba and Tamarindo campuses for the following holidays.

April 14-15
Good Thursday and Good Friday of Holy Week
Semana Santa

July 25
Annexation Day
Día de la Anexión

August 2
Virgen de Los Ángeles Day
Día de la Virgen de Los Ángeles

August 15
Mother’s Day
Día de la Madre

September 15
Independence Day
Día de la Independencia

December 1
Abolition of the army
Abolición del Ejército

Visa to enter Costa Rica

Students from USA, Canada, Europe, Japan and other countries receive a tourist visa for 90 days when they arrive in Costa Rica. For longer stays, students can spend 72 hours outside of the country and upon re-entry, they will be granted another 90 days as tourists. This makes for a nice long weekend trip to Nicaragua or Panamá that we will help you organize.

Visit the official website of the Costa Rican Immigration Office for detailed visa information.